About Us




Green Renewable Energy Engineering Company (GREEN) is founded by passionate managers, engineers, and staff from the oil and gas industry, we bring diverse expertise and experience in various industrial fields. We have participated in numerous large-scale projects, including oil and gas, industrial zones, chemical plant design, renewable energy plants, and many other sectors.

GREEN prides itself on delivering the most effective solutions to our clients, providing consulting, design, and project management services. We are committed to applying advanced techniques, adhering to high industry standards in oil and gas, and optimizing costs, forming the foundation for the company's sustainable development.

With a team of professional, experienced, and dedicated employees and engineers, our company is growing stronger every day, becoming the top and most trusted choice for investors. Additionally, GREEN constantly researches and develops new technical solutions to serve and bring satisfaction to customers with professional services such as:

  1. Engineering Design
  2. Procurement
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Project Management

We continuously strive to understand the unique needs of each customer and leverage our expertise to become a reliable partner, accompanying our clients on their path to success.